Faculty of Dentistry at Tanta University was established in the academic year 1973/1974. It was affiliated to Faculty of Medicine as one of its departments. In the academic year 1976/1077, the Faculty separated from Faculty of Medicine to be autonomous, according to the ministerial decree No. 1442 on December 26, 1976. Then, it temporally moved to the Comprehensive Health Clinics until its permanent location was ready.
When the Medical Campus was inaugurated in April 1982, Faculty of Dentistry was the first of the three faculties that were moved to the new campus. It is between Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy. Further, the building consists of 6 floors, which were built according to the latest scientific standards, in addition to 11 scientific departments.
Moreover, since it was built, the Faculty has worked to promote the level of dentistry as a profession. The Faculty not only graduates an elite group of dentists, but it also opens the door for post-graduate studies in different specializations. Besides, graduating specialized dentists is not the only target of the Faculty, but it also contributes greatly and effectively to serving the community through the academic staff and assistant staff, as it receives massive numbers of patients daily to be examined and treated for free at different departments of the Faculty to promote the health level and to relief patients' suffering.
In addition, the activity of the Faculty is not restricted to services presented to patients within the departments only, but it performs medical surveys on the surrounding villages at the Governorate and organizes medical convoys all over the Republic including remote areas to recognize prevalent oral and dental diseases in these areas and to treat them through mobile clinics equipped with the latest dental units in the Middle East that the Faculty gained as a gift from the United States Agency for International Development "USAID". Furthermore, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, economic treatment and Laser treatment clinics were inaugurated at the latest scientific standards. A special unit to serve persons with special needs was established later.

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