Applying for the Post-graduate Studies

Post-graduate Studies:
Diplomas and Master:

*The door for application is opened every year from 1/7 to 30/7

The Required Documents to Apply for the Post-graduate Studies at theFaculty

The period available for application can be extended for more two weeks if the Ministry of Health delayed sending the nominations.  .
A Bachelor certificate in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Original and Copy).
A certificate of the academic years grades (Original and Copy).
A certificate of intern doctors (Original and Copy).
A birth certificate (Original and Copy).
A personal photo.
A certificate of military service (Original and Copy) A certificate of bachelor equivalency (in case of graduation from a private university or a university outside Egypt)
A file for the documents
Buying the envelope of post-graduate studies admission
Consent of employers as follows:-

Doctors working in the Ministry of Health are nominated by the Ministry of Health .
Dentists of the Military Forces should submit a consent sealed with the coat of arms of Egypt from the Organization and Administration Division – Training Department (from the Health Services Corps in Kobry El Koba, Cairo).
Dentists of the Police Hospital should submit a nomination letter from the Hospital manager.
Freelance Dentists should submit freelance Dentists’ certificates from the Dentists’ Association.
Dentists of Health Insurance are nominated through General Organization for Health Insurance.


The student should submit requests to the Dean of the Faculty, who in turn sends the requests to the Vice Dean for Post-graduate Studies and Researches. After the acceptance of the student, the protocol of registration will start, and the student will follow the following steps:
Buying an envelope (100 EGP) from the post-graduate studies department
The Bachelor certificate.
The Master’s degree certificate .
The birth certificate .
A certificate of intern doctors .
A certificate of military service .
A plastic file for the documents .
Payment of the tuition fees .
Payment of the second level of the computer course fees at the University Administration .
Payment of the English course fees at the Faculty of Education .

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