Student welfare

Youth Welfare
Youth Welfare Department works on serving students via its different activities on scientific bases to provide real care for students. All educational and social efforts cooperate to upgrade the students to top levels. It is to be via joint cooperation between leaders of the committees and Student Union members to implement the applied plan.
Services Offered by Youth Welfare Department:
• Social Solidarity Fund
It aims to achieve social guarantee for students and assist them solve problems that prevent them complete their study.
• Academic Books
According to the social research submitted by students, the department coordinates with the scientific departments to provide the neediest students with books.
• Tools
Tools are bought by money from the donation box and given to the neediest students under supervision of Faculty Dean.
• Tuition Fees
Tuition fees are paid for the neediest students through the donation box under supervision of Faculty Dean.
• Nutrition at the External Restaurant of the University Youth welfare Department is keen on offering meals for the expatriate
students during the academic year.
Student Union Committees
1. Social Committee and Trips: It aims to hold the ideal male and female student competition at the level of the Faculty, organize chess competitions, and blood donation campaigns. In addition, the committee organizes scientific, cultural and entertainment trips for students.
2. Sports Committee: It aims to spread sports awareness among students and develop their talents through participating in different activities such as (football – basketball – volleyball – handball – table tennis – boxing – wrestling – karate – gymnastics – squash – weight lifting – swimming – taekwondo)
3. The Cultural Committee: It aims to:
• Develop the linguistic and literature skills of students in (poetry-essay-zagal-Holy Qur'an-Holy Hadith)
• Publish periodic cultural magazines
• Give opportunities for the talented to develop and hone their talents
• Hold cultural and religious competitions
4. The Artistic Committee: It aims to highlight and develop the talents of students so that they can practice their hobbies.
5. Scout and Public Service Committee: It holds different camps to spread scout awareness among students
6. Families Committee: Students who have the same talents and hobbies can gather in one family to share their ideas, thoughts and cultures.
7. The Scientific Committee: It holds symposiums, lectures, seminars and scientific forums to develop the scientific and innovative skills

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