Activities of the Sector

1. Public Service Center
• Medical services offered by the center.
• Operations affiliated with the Public Service Center.
• Contributions of the center.
• Training courses and workshops organized by the center.
2. Medical Survey Unit, Represented in:
• Medical convoys.
3. Occupational Health and Safety, Crises and Disasters, Represented in:
• Faculty of Dentistry, Tanta University has to be a safe educational and medical institute.
• Preparing a plan for organizing using the Faculty potentials to keep the safety of members, installations and facilities during the normal work conditions.
• Maintaining the fire equipment and making sure of their validity.
• Maintaining elevators at the Faculty.
• Confirming the alarm system at the Faculty.
• Medical waste disposal.
4. Infection Control Unit
• Developing rules and guidelines for fighting infection.
• Holding symposiums to all the groups exposed to infection.
• Periodic supervision at the central sterilization department at the Faculty.
5. Graduates' Unit
• Communication with the new graduates and informing them with the workshops, lectures and conferences held at the Faculty.
• Communication with the related scientific associations inside the Faculty and the other Faculties of Dentistry of the other Universities.
• Informing the graduates with the latest developments at the Faculty.
• Publishing the procedures signed by the Faculty Council or the University Council which help the new graduates complete their study at the postgraduate studies locally and internationally in dentistry.
• Coordination with the different Directorates of Health Affairs all over the Republic to contribute in solving the graduates' problems.
• Working on the participation of the graduates in the activities of community service and environmental affairs.
• Holding an annual forum to the graduates attended by representatives of benefiters and businessmen to offer them jobs.
• Preparing a database to the graduates. 6. Human Resources, Represented in:
• Training and holding symposiums to all the Faculty groups.
7. Competitions, Represented in:
• Holding the artistic competitions between the Faculty students in different disciplines (poetry-painting-sculpture)


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